Counterpath Bria X

Bria X is an annual subscription offer from Counterpath. You can download up to three Bria applications for a great rate. Volume deployment is also facilitated by its user profile management tools. Get help from our Help Desk for setting up your Bria X account

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Counterpath Bria 5

Recognized as one of the best telephony applications on the market. It offers all telephony functions, such as three-way conferences, internal and external call transfers. Technical support is available directly from our toll-free help desk.

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Counterpath X-Lite

X-Lite is Counterpath’s free softphone. It offers an interesting, but limited set of functions. It is ideal for occasional users. Our support center can help you set up X-Lite, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

Counterpath Bria Mobile

Enjoy the benefits of your Foneco telephony on your iPhone or Android mobile phone. The Bria Mobile application integrates perfectly with your phone and offers you the best mobility possible.

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